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Bicycles and Components

As a brand that focuses on materials and craftsmanship, we design to provide the highest level of performance and functionality. With every detail thought out with consideration of the user’s experience, we believe these are the factors that make us relevant in the professional biking industry. “Push myself” is the mentality JK hopes to spread across its community, addressing the message that everyone is able to improve when the effort is given. However, to reach the top, there needs to be high excellence and pursue, which is what JK strives for.


“Push myself, is the embodied spirit and soul behind Joseph Kuosac Professional”
– Joe Kuo
It is built into the works of Joseph Kuosac and everything that Joseph Kuosac does.  It is the reflection and inspiration of Joe Kuo.

What does it mean to “push myself”? We’ve all been there before. You feel like quitting because you’re tired, lazy, or have no motivation. But deep down inside, your little voice is talking to you… “It will be over soon. I’m almost there. I can do it. Don’t quit! Keep going! Push myself!!!” This is the mentality we hope to bring with our work, constantly pushing for improvements and alternative solutions. When all factors are roughly the same, it is the slightest changes that differentiates the first and second place.

More about Founder Joe Kuo

Photo Taken During Brompton World Championship

Give myself

JK is very grateful to have supporters from all around the world. We believe this is an opportunity for us to come together and develop a community that positively impacts others. For the upcoming project of JK, we will be introducing new sets of charitable pieces as a way to help out those in need.


Founded in 2010, the brand Joseph Kuosac has been through a long journey, with many ups and downs. When JK was a brand that nobody cared about, these people believed in Joe’s vision and supported his passion. Without them, JK would not have been able to become as successful as today. Thus, we would like to use this section to officially thank our long-term channels and supporters.


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