Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Where and how can I purchase JK works?
  • A. We have authorized dealers in many countries, please check our where to buy section for links to specific shops.
  • Q: The authorized dealer in my country is out of stock, can I order from JK directly?
  • A: Unfortunately we do not sell directly to end users located in countries with authorized dealers, our best advice for you will be to pre-order from them.
  • Q: What is the price for JK works?
  • A: Since we only provide to our dealers, please contact them for specific pricing.
  • Q: Where is Joseph Kuosac located?
  • A: Our headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan

Where to Buy

Joseph Kuosac has authorized dealers in many countries, and we highly recommend you to purchase from these dealers because these shops will take responsibility when you need assistance. Click here for our authorized dealer list.

Terms of use

Please read this page if you are a user of JK works, we address our the terms of use and user manual. Click here to read more.