Terms of Use

The following page is intended to act as guidance for users of Joseph Kuosac works. We will be addressing our policies on the terms of use and warranty.

we value your experience

JK has authorized sellers from all across the world, and they are all very knowledgeable and capable with helping your needs. If you happen to encounter a problem after your purchase, they will be pleased to work with you. To ensure we can quickly solve your case, please first contact the authorized JK dealer you purchased from, and they will let us know if further assistance is required.

Warranty terms

JK stands behind our work, we are confident and responsible for designing at the highest quality of JK. For all works of JK, we have done many R&D, trials and errors, and tests to ensure your safety and enjoyable experience. Please follow accordingly to proper uses listed in our user manual below and you will be able to receive our one year warranty for all your purchases from JK.

To read our full warranty terms, please view the document below.


USER manual

Information to know about our JK wheel sets

JK Wheel Sets – Warranty Label

For JK wheel sets that are laced upon purchase, we provide a one year warranty for defects in manufacture. If you encounter a manufacturing problem while using our JK wheel sets, please check the warranty label that is placed on the rim of the wheel. The warranty label includes the production date as well as the guarantee date. If the warranty for the purchased wheel set is still valid, please contact the authorized dealer whom you purchased from for further assistance. Notice: the warranty is only effective if the warranty label is kept on the rim, please do not remove the label from your JK rim.

2021 Update: For future purchases, JK will be providing a warranty card for each unique wheel set, which will include the model number and manufacturing code for the specific wheel set. Please keep the warranty card in order to receive our one year warranty.

JK Wheel Sets – Lacing Procedure

For JK wheel sets that are not originally laced upon purchase, please follow the document below for lacing instructions to prevent possible damage to your wheel set. As JK does not provide warranty to wheel sets laced outside of JK, it is very important to read the instructions carefully when installing your JK wheel set.

JK Tires – Strozzapreti race pro

Information to know about our STROZZAPRETI RACE PRO tire

  1. It is designed for flat and smooth roads
  2. It is not designed nor recommended for off-road or rocky surfaces
  3. It is a low treadwear rating, high traction and fast wearing tire
  4. Do not over inflate or under inflate the tire (Standard 100PSI + / – 10 PSI)
  5. Do not poke or pinch the tire
  6. Please be sure to change the tire over time, overuse is not recommended