Feature & Benefit
Joe teaches us during weekly Joseph Kuosac Product Meeting that, the “body forward-leaning angle drives the rider ergonomics, the man-bike weigh distribution, and the turning force”. In addition to using professional-grade materials and manufacturing processes for strength and durability, Joe created the stem portfolio from 50mm~130mm in 10mm increments that ergonomically fits everyone for amazing rides. The stem plays an extremely important role where the precisely fit stem specification optimizes the translation of rider’s energy into intended speeds and directions.

Ø 28.6, 31.8 mm, L 50 -130 mm
Black or silver

50 mm: 120g
60 mm: 120g
70 mm: 132g
80 mm: 134g
90 mm: 141g
100 mm: 151g
110 mm: 157g
120 mm: 163g
130 mm: 170g