Bottom Bracket


Feature & Benefit
Prior to founding Joseph Kuosac, Joe spent ~20 years designing and manufacturing automotive and heavy-duty industrial products of the highest quality and reliability standards. He incorporated relevant design theories and applied the best professional practices he learned into Joseph Kuosac products. The Joseph Kuosac Bottom Bracket is designed with drive-train philosophy in mind and built-in the ability to accept uneven and alternating stress from peddling between left and right. “I think of your feet to the bottom bracket as crankshafts to automobile engines”, says Joe.

Bill of Material
Alloy Body x 1
Bolt M15 x 2
ISIS Splined Hollow Axle (SCM435) x 1
Sealed Bearings x 3

ISIS standard

108 mm, 113 mm, 128 mm (3 bearings)
118 mm (3 or 4 bearings)

108 mm: 225g
113 mm: 234g
118 mm (3 bearings): 243g
118 mm (4 bearings): 260g
128 mm: 322g

Packing Detail
15.5 x 4.8 x 4.7 cm
Cardboard box pack