JK Tour

Interested in taking a short vacation and biking across fascinating views? For the upcoming project Discover myself, JK will be arranging bike tours in Taiwan, with the hopes of offering a memorable biking experience for JK supporters. As Taiwan is known for its natural beauty, this is a great opportunity for bike lovers to tour across beautiful scenery with JK designed bikes. Nature is the best place to recuperate. It can reduce stress, fight depression, enhance immunity and healing power. There are more than 800,000 Taiwanese indigenous people, and these indigenous tribes are located all across of Taiwan. Indigenous people are children of the mountains and seas, natural healing is an important part of their life. During the tour, you will be able to meet and learn about the lifestyle of Taiwanese indigenous people. Titled Discover myself, our JK Bike Tour emphasizes on getting to understand ourselves better through exploration.

Bicycle Bootcamp

Since this is a bicycle focused tour, it is important to have an adequate amount of bicycle knowledge to achieve the most optimal riding experience. Thus, the trip will begin with professional instructors teaching everyone the basic knowledge and theory behind bicycles and cycling, as well as how to maintain and repair your bicycles. Whether you are a beginner or veteran rider, these instructors will compromise to the level of your skill, which means all types of riders are welcomed!

Bike Tour

Once the bootcamp is completed, the exploration will begin. For JK Bike Tour, the location we have selected is Yuli Township, which has beautiful designated bicycle sites for bikers to explore. In Yuli, there are two main indigenous tribes, Amis and Bunun. Amis is the largest indigenous group, taking up approximately 37% of Taiwan’s total indigenous population. During the tour, you will have the chance to experience Amis’ food culture, which is special because of their natural environment. The three main features of their food culture is their love for seafood, rich knowledge of edible wild herbs, and special salted raw meat. Similar to other cultures, Amis also have their unique music and art forms, such as slab woodcarving. While cycling and enjoying the views, these are the small things you can experience throughout your journey from JK Bike Tour.


While picking the JK Bike Tour location, we found out about the story of Yves Moal, a 79 year old priest from France who has ran a Catholic Church in Taiwan for many decades. Moal moved to Taiwan when he was still in his twenties, and he has dedicated a large portion of his life to help those who are disadvantaged. In addition to running the church, Moal also works on several projects such as organizing the recycling center and a secondhand store to sell donated used goods. These projects offered the disadvantaged a place to contribute and become impactful, opportunities that weren’t given to them from society. We were touched by his kindness and loving heart, which is the reason we decided to donate a portion of the earnings from our bike tour to help his Catholic Church.

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