Brompton Hub

Front / Rear Hub (Black)

Front / Rear Hub (Silver)

Feature & Benefit
Joe designed the hubs that overkill all and very different kinds of beatings from the bike, the terrain and you. The front wheel hub handles relatively even stress, but the rear wheel hub has to meet drivetrain forces coming from the chain while maintaining stability of the total weight. You’ll feel the perfect athletic balance between the hub, flange, wheel and spoke that Joe developed for you.

Bill of Material
Hub Body x 1
Nut x 2
Washer x 2

Hub Body x 1
Nut x 3
Washer x 3

Front: 28 Holes, O.L.D. 72 mm, 2 bearings, narrow flange
Rear: 28 Holes, 2 speed (also single speed), O.L.D. 112 mm, 3 bearings, narrow flange
Color: Black and silver

Front: 186g
Rear: 393g

Packing Detail
17 x 9 x 8.2 cm