Joe Kuo

Founder of Joseph Kuosac

“Push myself” is the reflection and inspiration of Joe Kuo, the founder of Joseph Kuosac. Born in Taiwan, Joe was an artistic child that loved to research and read. Filled with many questions and wonders, he would be constantly exploring and wanted to learn more. Joe was also quite a stubborn kid, his opinion would not change once he had believed in something. Growing up, Joe was lucky to have a mother that always supported him. When he was in elementary school, he was tasked to draw a horse but instead he drew a horse that looked like a camel, and the teacher was not pleased to see his drawing. However, once he returned home and showed his mother, she complimented his work and thought he was very creative. With supportive parents by his side, Joe was never afraid to try different things and always looked for new ways to approach his tasks.

Once graduating high school, Joe majored in manufacturing engineering at Boston University, which was considered rank number one for manufacturing engineering during his time. At Boston University, he was able to familiarize himself with many different products. In a project where he worked with tires and rims, he was highly inspired by mechanical things. After graduating college, he entered the family business Tefua, making industrial product as well as automotive parts manufacturing. Together with his father, they were once the world’s largest automotive water pump company.

As someone that loved to “push himself”, Joe decided to start his own brand (Joseph Kuosac) in 2010, where he focused on bike-related manufacturing. He chose to enter the bike industry because he thought there were a lot of improvements that could be made. Many people got injured from biking because the bike was not fit to their body, causing discomfort to the bikers. Thus, he created a bike-fit system to help with this problem, and eventually created many more components to improve the biker’s experience. Joe also loved cars, he owned sports cars, Land Rover, and even bought old cars for restoration. Essentially, he was involved with many types of vehicles, which helped him develop products no one had ever thought of. With the effort that Joe had put in, Joseph Kuosac has now become Brompton’s number one market share for carbon wheel and also obtained the Brompton World Championship title three times.


Founded in 2010, the brand Joseph Kuosac has been through a long journey, with many ups and downs. When JK was a brand that nobody cared about, these people believed in Joe’s vision and supported his passion. Without them, JK would not have been able to become as successful as today. Thus, we would like to use this section to officially thank our long-term channels and supporters.