Brompton Knob

Feature & Benefit
“Live the moment, every second counts”, says Joe. Joe believed winners are set apart from the rest by accumulations of tiny excellence. Gaining an extra second at every use of my Brompton gets me the edge to catch the bus and train, to meetings, to my loved-ones. Every second counts. “Olympic gold medalists push themselves to wins by fractions of a second, I push myself to win my life”, says Joe. Joe designed the Knob so Bromptoneers comfortably and quickly get their Bromptons ready for their lives of excellence.

Bill of Material
Version 1 (2015 – 2020):
Hinge Clamp Plate x 2
Knob x 2
Nut x 2
Spring x 2
Washer x 2

Version 2 (2020):
Hinge Clamp Plate x 2
Knob x 2
Bolt x 2
Washer x 2
O-ring x 2

Color: Black, Silver, Red, Gold

Standard: 66g
Lite: 41g

Packing Detail
12.4 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm
Cardboard box pack