Brompton Easy Wheel

C38C Black & Silver
Lite Black & Silver
Lite & C38C in Red
Lite & C38C in Sonic Blue
Lite Pink Ribbon Edition
Lite & C38C in Tangerine

Feature & Benefit
“It’s just for rolling the bike around subway stations, or from lobby to my desk… big deal”, his buddy said over a conversation with Heineken beer. “Yes, you’re right, but I live my life passionately,” Joe replied then took a sip of Heineken. “Brompton touches lives in so many ways, professionally and personally, it deserves the best even down to the smallest details of the simplest applications,” said Joe. Thus, Joe designed the wheel using industrial-grade bearing and tough o-ring and called it the EASY wheel, which is not as easy comparing to the originals, it’s rather professional-grade.

Bill of Material (each pair)
Aluminum Body x 2
Bearing x 2
O-ring x 2

C38C: M6 bearing, black, silver, red, sonic blue and tangerine.
Light: M6 bearing, black, silver, red, pink ribbon, sonic blue and tangerine.

C38C: 53g
Light: 45g

Packing Detail
20 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm
Color label tag pack