New A22C 349 Rims

A22C Black
A22C Silver

Feature & Benefit
To Joe, “Bromptons are built for those who work smart and play really hard. Since so much is riding on the rims, it must be tougher than all terrain and season”. We had to push the limits to meet Joe’s very high standards. The new A22C 349 grips the road tighter while providing more tire surface. It can carry a heavier load and absorb more impacts than humanly possible while staying cool up at temperatures up to 2300°C (yes, twenty-three hundred degrees Celsius!) thanks to our unique Al+Mn+Nb alloy in fusion T10. “Rims must outlast Brompton frame”, said Joe so we upped the tensile strength to over 600Kgs. We even added the production year on each rim so that we can track how long the A22C ultimately lasts!

A22C: 349 x 19
Spoke Hole: 28
Valve hole: Presta
Color: Black and Silver

349 Rim-brake: 250g

A22C 349 Wheelset Black

A22C 349 Wheelset Silver