In October 2020, TEFUA Manufacturing Company, parent company of Joseph Kuosac, celebrated its 50th anniversary together with JK’s 10th anniversary. Hosting an anniversary party in Taiwan, it is unfortunate that additional events could not be held worldwide due to the year-long battle of COVID-19.

Ten years is a big accomplishment for JK and the community that has always supported JK works, which consisted of many challenges and development to reach the standard we have today. Recognized as a premium brand for Brompton customizations, exploring the journey of Joseph Kuosac is the inspiration of the JK X collection. 

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Description: JK X Wheel Set

Although new for this collection, the 349 aC38C Carbon wheel set is already an essential piece of JK works. Hand crafted carbon rims with newly designed labels in red and black, the style reflects the primary colors of Joseph Kuosac. The wheel set is also enhanced with the cross hatching effect on the spokes, with one side laced with 14 red spokes, and the other with 14 black spokes. Representing passion (red) and challenge (black), it is one’s passion that will push themselves to the next level. The delicate design is finished with the simple touch of “X” in red, symbolizing JK’s tenth anniversary, and the infinite possibilities of growth. Together, these elements capture the energy and spirit of “push myself”.

The Release

Available for both Brompton 2S and 6S, there will be a total of 300 sets (140 sets for 2S, 160 sets for 6S), making it the first ever limited edition wheel set of Joseph Kuosac. The JK X wheel set will be officially released in January 2021. Pre-orders will be available starting November 28th, 2020.

Disclaimer: If the wheel set is sold out during pre-order period, no additional JK X wheel sets will be made.

Bill of Material

JK X Wheel Set for 2S

MSRP: 1300 USD

  • Brake Pad x 4
  • Front Hub
  • Rear Hub
  • JK X Rim x 2
  • Rim Tape x 2
  • Red/Black Spokes + Nipples (2 wheels)
  • 2021 JK X Cap
  • Black rear hub nuts for 2S

JK X Wheel Set for 6S

MSRP: 1200 USD

  • Brake pad x 4
  • Front Hub
  • JK X Rim x 2
  • Rim Tape x 2
  • Red/Black Spokes + Nipples (2 wheels)
  • 2021 JK X Cap
  • Black rear hub nut for 6S

Disclaimer: JK X wheel set for 6S does not include rear hub


The following authorized dealers of Joseph Kuosac will have first access to the JK X wheel set. The labels next to each dealer name indicates the 2S and 6S availability.

Spinwarriors (2S, 6S): https://spinwarriors.com

B-spokes (2S, 6S): https://www.b-spokes.co

United Kingdom
SJS Cycles (2S): https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/

LORO HPV Group (2S, 6S): http://loro.co.jp/

Velohouse (2S, 6S): https://www.velohouse.co.kr

781 Brompton Premium Parts (2S, 6S): https://www.facebook.com/781BPP/

Bike Gang (2S): http://www.bikegang.co.uk

Fantastic 4 Toys (2S): https://www.fantastic4toys.com