Bicycle Fit

Measuring humans body data, such as hand length, foot length, height, weight and so on
Based on the upper description to assembling your Bike.
The Bike Fit System is based on studies of average human factors.

Whether you are riding to the corner store or across the country,
you should be comfortable on your bike.
If you have back, neck, knee pain, saddle sores, or hand and foot
numbness, your bike probably doesn’t fit you properly.
A bike should fit you. It should accommodate your body, your interests
and style as a rider.
Your equipment should never “work against you” or “make you work harder”.
To help people experience the joy and wonder of cycling, we want to
make sure no one stops riding a bicycle due to pain or discomfort.
Each rider needs a different fit based on a variety of factors, Joseph Kuosac
bike fit system offers your needs.

As shown below, Joseph Kuosac team based on this figure to choose the
best size parts for assembling.
We can guarantee our bike can be 95% compatible to your stature.
Better than other manufacturers

Bike Jig

Measuring Machine