Dropbar Ø 31.8 mm


Feature & Benefit
“Wrong handlebar limits our athletic potential and damages our bodies”, says Joe while lifting his eyebrows. “The width must fit our shoulders, not too narrow that strains our lungs, and not too wide that compromises our riding postures and productivity”, says Joe. He continues, “I bent it to fit our hand-grips, I tilt it to comfort our arms”. In addition to using professional-grade materials and manufacturing processes for strength and durability, Joe created the handlebar portfolio with an ergonomic fit for everyone to feel the amazing rides.

Ø 31.8 mm, W 340 mm – 480 mm
S type: 70 mm reach, 125 mm drop
M type: 80 mm reach, 135 mm drop
L type: 90 mm reach, 145 mm drop

340 mm: S type 285g / M type 297g / L type 309g
350 mm: S type 285g / M type 299g / L type 312g
360 mm: S type 295g / M type 303g / L type 318g
370 mm: S type 299g / M type 313g / L type 322g
380 mm: S type 301g / M type 316g / L type 330g
390 mm: S type 303g / M type 320g / L type 333g
400 mm: S type        g / M type 322g / L type 331g
410 mm: S type 311g / M type 326g / L type 335g
420 mm: S type 318g / M type 328g / L type 338g
430 mm: S type 317g / M type 332g / L type 330g
440 mm: S type 321g / M type 335g / L type 333g
450 mm: S type 322g / M type 338g / L type 337g
460 mm: S type 328g / M type 343g / L type 339g
470 mm: S type 331g / M type 350g / L type 343g
480 mm: S type 336g / M type 347g / L type 347g