MTB Crank Arm


Feature & Benefit
“Certain choices are made for us”, Joe smiles, “everyone is made unique and special from birth, the bike fits us, not the other way around”. Joe created the crank arm portfolio from 130mm~220mm in 5mm increments that entitles everyone as unique as we individually are to ergonomically fit and feel the amazing rides. But of course, Joe always selects professional-grade materials and manufacturing processes for product strength and durability.

Bill of Material
Forged Aluminum Crank x 1 (each pair)

ISIS system
BCD 110
4 holes
150 – 220 mm

150 mm: 554g
155 mm: 568g
160 mm: 579g
165 mm: 592g
170 mm: 594g
175 mm: 612g
180 mm: 623g
185 mm: 620g
190 mm: 641g
195 mm: 642g
200 mm: 655g
205 mm: 661g
210 mm: 683g
215 mm: 682g
220 mm: 687g