VARIOCOG 349 Carbon Wheelset


Ultimate Speed Machine on your Brompton. If you want to win your competitor and it’s just a small step to exceed him, this is what you need. The best collocation cog on C38C wheelset is right here, the fastest 11t sprocket to get you a new record. Plus two conspicuous and bright red spokes on each wheel, they again bring you a satisfy and stylish sense of accomplishment.

Bill of Material
Brake Pad x 4
Front Hub x 1
Rear Hub x 1
Carbon Rim x 2
Rim Tape x 2
Spoke + Nipple (2 wheels)

Carbon rim (C38C): 349 x 17
Mini Hub Front and Rear wheel in Black, 2-speed freehub
(compatible with Brompton)
Black Spoke 26pcs, Red Spoke 2pcs / each wheel
Rim Tape (2pcs) and Brake Pads (4pcs) included

349: 1368g (for Brompton)